Hillcrest Promotions is committed to contributing to society and the principles of sustainability. We understand our future success is dependent on a sustainable business model.

Our commitment to the environment is clearly demonstrated throughout all aspects of our business. We are focused on making a positive contribution to the community and minimising the environmental impact.

It is our aim to support environmental best practice throughout the supply chain. This includes managing and minimising environmental impact in our own business, working with our suppliers on environmental initiatives and encouraging environmental responsibility amongst our staff, customers and the community.

Our Environmental Objectives

  • Minimisation of our environmental footprint
  • Reduction of our energy and water usage
  • Responsible waste disposal
  • Undertaking environmentally-preferred purchasing where possible including carbon off-sets
  • Communication and promotion of our Sustainability Policy to our staff, customers and the community
  • Contribution to the community with involvement in environmentally focused awareness-raising activities such as Earth Hour and National Tree Day
  • Conducting all operations in accordance with relevant environmental legislation and regulations
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Hillcrest Promotions are proud to partner with Upparel NZ Ltd; sister company of Australia’s only direct-to-consumer and commercial textile recovery and recycler, Upparel .  

Their non-chemical process upcycles textile waste converting what would be deemed end-of-life textile waste into a profitable and sustainable resource. 

As an industry, we not only need to be more concerned with our supply chain but also with the post-consumer waste of our products. 

Upcycling & Repurposing is a way for us to take items that are no longer fit-for-use and work with like-minded, innovative partners to create new items with a redefined purpose. 

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